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Home plate umpire at softball game

An umpire portrait between games

From the collection at 10,000 Portraits, this photo of a softball umpire is used during our classes to demonstrate simple techniques using natural light and camera position to … More

Cemetery headstone with wilted tulips

Wilted tulips on a child’s grave

Wilting tulips drape over the small stone placed as a headstone for a child. The small stone, a temporary marker purchased from a garden shop, sits in the hollow of a small hill at … More


Gov. Ted Strickland Three Light Portrait

A three light small strobe portrait of former Gov. Ted Strickland illustrates how simple lighting can be used to create a portrait to tell the story of an event or person. Taken … More


The still life portrait

The truth about still life photos is that they are essentially portraits. Not the traditional portrait where a person's image is captured to help explain who they are and describe … More

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